The German Quality as part of each and every semi-trailer

Vast range of Hyundai Forklifts

New forestry equipment, including but not limited to forwarders

Brand new harvesters fit for all types of trees

New telescopic equipment adaptable to all jobs

Lift Platforms to work in altitude

Truck mounted PM cranes, sales and mounting.

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We offer a vast selection of new vehicles and equipment: Trucks, Agricultural Tractors, Cranes
You can always count on professional and experienced advice from our team.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 3240


Hyundai 20BT 9

New in stock. Available for immediate delivery


LogMax 6000B

Head Cutting Logmax 6000B


Hyundai HX220L

New in stock. Available for immediate delivery


Tl Equip

Tl Equip be-spoke equipment to meet customers needs


Tl Equip

Tl Equip be-spoke equipment to meet customers needs


Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 3240


What we offer

You can always count on professional and experienced advice to meet your business needs
We strive to find Ready to Use solutions for all our customers

Sales and marketing of Hyundai wheel loaders and forklifts.

Dealer of Kassbohrer in Portugal and Spain.             

Vast array of parts and equipment for the HGV industry.

Massive stock of parts for all brands sold by all departments.

Sales and Marketing of all types of new trucks.

Tailored garage and assistance services for heavy machinery and trucks .


In this event, we will put the expertise of the operators to the test with the best that HYUNDAI has to offer, on the 20th November.

HYUNDAI CHALLENGE is an event for our, present and future, business partners where they will be able to put the skills of their operators to the test, while operating some of the best equipment on the market.

Nacional Agricultural Fair in Santarém

For the first time in its history, Tracto-Lena managed to exhibit at the National Agricultural Fair in Santarém.

Knowing the National Agricultural Fair´s exposure and notoriety, Tracto-Lena considered to be of extreme strategic importance to exhibit at such prestigious event, not only because of its history but also because of the relevance of its geographic positioning within the national territory.

II Nacional Transportation Exhibition in Pombal

Tracto-Lena was once again present at one of the biggest national transportation fairs.

For the second year running, Tracto-Lena was proud to be present at the Second National Transportation Exhibition in Pombal. During this event two of the Groups Companies, TL Trailers and TL Machinery, united efforts to strengthened their presence and exhibit some of their products.

4ª Edition Expomortágua

The ExpoMortágua took place last weekend, from the 25th to the 28th May.

Since this fair is mainly dedicated to the forestry industry, Tracto-Lena opted to be present only through its TL Machinery division.

Forestry Exhibition and Showcase

Tracto-Lena´s TL Machinery division organized its First Exhibition and Showcase, during the past May 20th, in order to present its range of products dedicated to the forestry sector. The aim of this demonstration day was mainly to capture our clients´ attention to the new line of equipment and brands represented by Tracto-Lena.

Expoflorestal in Albergaria-A-Velha

Expoflorestal is the biggest forestry event in the Iberian Peninsula. It takes place every two years in Albergaria-A-Velha and occupies an area in excess of 17 acres of land.

I Salão Nacional of transportation in Expocentro

For the first time in Portugal ANTRAM organized the I Salão Nacional do Transporte at Expocentro, Pombal, during the 10th, 11th and 12th June 2016.

With an undeniable importance for the transport and logistics industry in general and for the local industries in particular, this I Salão Nacional do Transporte was especially important and remarkable for Tracto-Lena because during the event we sold our unit number 300 of the renowned German brand of semi-trailers Kassbohrer. Knowing that it was only in November last year that we finalized negotiations with Kassbohrer, it is remarkable the work that the team Tracto-Lena Máquinas e Camiões and Kassbohrer put in in order to turn this partnership into the success story that it is.

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