Nacional Agricultural Fair

For the first time in its history, Tracto-Lena managed to exhibit at the National Agricultural Fair in Santarém.

Knowing the National Agricultural Fair´s exposure and notoriety, Tracto-Lena considered to be of extreme strategic importance to exhibit at such prestigious event, not only because of its history but also because of the relevance of its geographic positioning within the national territory.

At this event Tracto-Lena was present through its machinery division, TL Machinery, and it showcased the Hyundai Excavator HX220L equipped with the Logmax 6000B Harvester; the Hyundai Mini-Excavator 35Z-9; the Hyundai Forklifts 25BH-9, the 45D-9, the 20BT-9 and the 30D-9. It also exhibited the Dieci Agriplus 40.7 150hp telescope and the Ecolog 574D Forwarder. Tracto-Lena also showcased the Kassbohrer Curtainsiders K SCS X+ and the Lowbed K SLA3.

Our stand was also shared with another company belonging to the Grupo Justo: Truckstar. This one is dedicated to the sales and marketing of used HGVs. Truckstar exhibited some of its used Mercedez-Benz trucks, equipped by its Group´s partner TL Equip, with equipment specifically designed for the agricultural market.

II Nacional Transportation Exhibition

Tracto-Lena was once again present at one of the biggest national transportation fairs.

For the second year running, Tracto-Lena was proud to be present at the Second National Transportation Exhibition in Pombal. During this event two of the Groups Companies, TL Trailers and TL Machinery, united efforts to strengthened their presence and exhibit some of their products.

Since this is a fair focused on the transportation sector, we took the chance to showcase our range of semitrailers Kassbohrer namely the Kassbohrer Frigo FL L1S0 and the Kassbohrer Curtainsiders K SCS X+, as well as one Hyundai Electric Forklift, the 20BT-9 and one Hyundai Diesel Forklift, the 45D-9.


The ExpoMortágua took place last weekend, from the 25th to the 28th May.

Since this fair is mainly dedicated to the forestry industry, Tracto-Lena opted to be present only through its TL Machinery division.

As such we showcased the Hyundai Forklift 45D-9; the Dieci Agriplus 40.7 150hp; the Hyundai Excavator HX220L equipped with the Harvester Logmax 6000B; the Hyundai Wheel Loader HL960 and the Forwarder Ecolog 574D in the village of Mortágua.

Forestry Exhibition and Showcase

Tracto-Lena´s TL Machinery division organized its First Exhibition and Showcase, during the past May 20th, in order to present its range of products dedicated to the forestry sector. The aim of this demonstration day was mainly to capture our clients´ attention to the new line of equipment and brands represented by Tracto-Lena.

The objective of the open day was to show the vast range of equipment promoted by the machinery division of Tracto-Lena, namely and mainly the forestry equipment: the Logmax Harvester 6000B and the Ecolog Forwarder 574D. In addition we exhibited excavation equipment, such as the Hyundai HX220L and the 35Z-9, the heard moving Hyundai HL960, the load moving Hyundai 20BT-9, 25BH-9, 30D-9, 45D-9 and the Diece Agriplus 40.7 150hp.

We also demonstrated on site and alive the Logmax Harvester 6000B and the Ecolog Forwarder 574D, from 12 noon till 6pm, during periods of 30 minutes and breaks of one hour. During this time we peeled, cut and stored 40t of eucalyptus. Between 1pm and 3pm Tracto-Lena offered a complimentary lunch to its guests.

At the same time of this exhibition and demonstration we took the chance to exhibit other equipment belonging to the different companies of the Grupo Justo/Tracto-Lena Universe. As such Truckstar had on show a vast range of HGVs and Heavy Equipment channeled to different areas such as: logistics, construction, cement, residues, wood, etc; TL Trailers had on show three different types of Kassbohrer semitrailers, namely the Curtainsider K SCS X+, the Lowlbed K SLA3 and the Platform K SPL3; Centrostar had on show all its stock of cars and took the opportunity to formally announce the opening date of its Mercedes-Benz Garage.

Expoflorestal in Albergaria-A-Velha

Expoflorestal is the biggest forestry event in the Iberian Peninsula. It takes place every two years in Albergaria-A-Velha and occupies an area in excess of 17 acres of land.

Tracto-Lena participated at this exhibition this year, for the first time, through its division TL Machinery where it exhibited its newly acquired representation of Hyunday, Dieci, Logmax and Ecolog equipment.

All visitors had the opportunity to see the new Forklift 45D-9 and 30D-9, the Hyundai Excavator HX220L equipped with the Logmax Harvester 6000B, the Hyundai Wheel Loader HL960 and the Ecolog Forwarder 574D. Through the division TL Trailers we exhibited the Kassbohrer Lowbed K SLA3 whereas Truckstar exhibited one Mercedes Actros 8x4 3240 truck.

I Salão Nacional of Transportation in Expocentro

For the first time in Portugal ANTRAM organized the I Salão Nacional do Transporte at Expocentro, Pombal, during the 10th, 11th and 12th June 2016.

With an undeniable importance for the transport and logistics industry in general and for the local industries in particular, this I Salão Nacional do Transporte was especially important and remarkable for Tracto-Lena because during the event we sold our unit number 300 of the renowned German brand of semi-trailers Kassbohrer. Knowing that it was only in November last year that we finalized negotiations with Kassbohrer, it is remarkable the work that the team Tracto-Lena Máquinas e Camiões and Kassbohrer put in in order to turn this partnership into the success story that it is.

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